This would be my third trip to Seil Island to dive with David Ainsley. On previous trips the weather was kind and we had lovely calm trips up to the Sound of Mull, this would be quite different and would rain most days preventing us from entering the Sound and keeping us down amongst the Garvalacs Islands.

As you pass over the Bridge over the Atlantic (named because this is not a river, but the Atlantic ocean surrounding the Island), The first building you see is the  Tigh-an-Truish Inn or the House of Trousers, when Kilts where banned by the English on the main land the trousers were kept in the Inn so they could change into them prior to going off the Island.



We were soon settled at the Bungalow 'Olrig' with a real fire blazing to keep us toasty warm, Then off down the Inn for dinner, Where the selection of Scotch was vast.





On the seeing David again he asked what are people's expectations of the week, I replied flippantly that Simon wanted to see Golden eagles. Ahh he replied we will do that the first day then. Sure enough on the first day as we approached a rather craggy Island on top of the cliff was two Golden Eagles and we where just in time to see one plunge of the cliff and catch a Seagull in mid flight.

We were sworn to Secrecy as to the location of our next dive as we would be meeting ancient Crawfish which is like a huge lobster but without the claws, these where about the size of a small dog and found in pairs.

The wild life was abundant and visibility was very clear. Lots of  'Dead mans Fingers' Urchins and several species of Crabs. 

One dive we where given strips  of Mackerel to feed Congers which lived in large cracks in the walls and where friendly enough to be fed.




I have wondered what these two on the right, where scheming about but I guess we will never know







Of course there where calm moments where all there was to do was check kit or sleep