Our first stop in Namibia was at the ancient carvings, which where quite breathtaking



It is not long before Ray's eagle eyes spot Cheetah Tracks

Iain Fiona and Ben in our truck and it was a laugh a minute











I think I can see Graham from here

           Who is looking at who?   

The art of tracking

Graham at Dawn

Lion Tracks

Nani making fire

Nani snare hunting

You do not mess around when poisoning arrows

Time for a puncture with fresh Lion track all around
   Nice View

 I would like to thank Bob for helping make this such an enjoyable trip

Party Night and they know how to sing

     Now that is a Millipede

I think he was just pleased to see us


I would just like to thank from the left

Fiona, Graham, John, Iain, Janice, Joe, Dan, Richard, Andy, Ben, Ray, David, John, Sarah, David

For such a great trip