As with all Ray Mears trips, we have been asked not to share any of the details of the course as it will spoil the experience for people who wish to go and do this for themselves. With this in mind hear are a selection of pictures and some of my thoughts.


We arrive in Kiruna which is at the very top of Sweden

 We are soon transported into the wilderness where the scenery is spectacular
We get ready for our first night out in the open


Time to learn how to use these Swedish ski's which do not have any edges and slide in every direction just as easily
 This is a frozen river
On the left are my ski's which I became reasonable in getting around on

Below Ray demonstrates an open ended snow grave with a long fire at the foot

We seemed to spend a lot of time digging or moving lots of snow

 A snare for Ptarmigan which is a medium-sized game bird in the grouse family

Time to do some fishing but the water is under 1 metre of ice


Time for bed and my worst night sleep of the trip

 Ray Lars and me

I would like to thank Ray all his team and everyone on the trip for making this such a memorable time