We Stopped off first in Houston for an evening with Kelley's dad Mike and Cathy and to meet Kelley's Brother Michael which was great fun

It also gave Kelley time to catch up with the Girls

Our accommodation was nice
Lots to Do Ha
The View from the Bar  
We spent the evenings walking to one of the local restaurants for dinner
One of the locals
The Eagle Rays where very abundant and inquisitive

There was also lots of Moral Eels

Kelley enjoyed the diving too

This picture really tells a story.

Half a second after Marcos took this picture became very dangerous, as you see the boat which is running us down has just come into view. On being signalled to descend urgently by Marcos I turned, pulled Kelley down then found myself face to face with two propellers. I just had time to push myself down with one hand on the keel of the boat as the propellers passed by my face.

We later went and had a friendly chat with the owner of the boat

It was an early start as we set off to the Blue Hole and Marine reserve
Just nearing the edge of the Blue Hole
The Stalactites where covered with life
The was a lot of Grey Reef Sharks in the blue hole which joined us on our deco stop

Click on to view the Shark from the Blue Hole

Blue Hole Shark.mpg

For Lunch we stopped off on Half Moon Caye which is a Bird Sanctuary
We had a large pod of Dolphin's follow us for quite away